F.I.A.I.: Fire Investigators Association of Ireland – Cumann Imscrudaitheoiri Doitean na hEireann

About the F.I.A.I.

About the FIAI and Fire Investigation in Ireland

The Fire Investigators Association of Ireland – (Cumann Imscrúdaitheorí Dóiteán na hÉireann) was formed in April 2004 and became a chartered chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) in May 2004 at their Annual Training Conference / Annual General Meeting in Washington D.C. U.S.A. We are formally called IAAI Ireland – Éire – Chapter 68 within the IAAI.

The Fire Investigators Association of Ireland is a cross border association and has members from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This is a unique relationship that has been fostered at the time the Association was started and is also unique within the IAAI as the only chapter that has two jurisdictions working as one chapter. In comparison to other chapters within the IAAI Global family we are small chapter with a current membership of 50.

The FIAI committee comprises of members from a number of professions including Fire, Police, Forensic, Insurance, Military, legal, and educational disciplines. All committee members volunteer their time to supporting the advancement of fire investigation across the island of Ireland. All committee members must be members of the IAAI to serve.

The Fire Investigators Association of Ireland is dedicated to working with all professional bodies and stakeholders within the fire industry and relevant public and statutory services to determine accurately the origin, cause and development of fires and/or explosions. Our Association has produced a comprehensive Strategic and Action Plans designed to move fire investigation forward on the island of Ireland.

The International Association of Arson Investigators was formed in 1949 and current membership consists of approximately 9,000 fire investigation professionals from around the world, united by a strong commitment to the suppression of the crime of arson and conduct good quality fire investigations ( www.firearson.com). Members are bound by a professional code of ethics ( IAAI code of ethics)The IAAI publication, “The Fire and Arson Investigator,” contains articles by some of the leading experts in the profession, and is published quarterly.

The FIAI committee meets on a quarterly basis. Our policy is to meet across in different locations on the Island. Our Annual General Meeting is held in early in the year. The location alternates currently between Dublin and Belfast.