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Databases that all forensic scientists working in the fields of fire/arson and/or explosives should be aware of. These extremely useful databases are produced by the T/SWGFEX (Technical & Scientific Working Group for Fire and Explosives Analysis) and maintained by the National Center for Forensic Science (based at the University of Central Florida).

These databases are available online and are freely accessible

Ignitable Liquids Reference Collection
Access the database here

The ILRC consists of a comprehensive set of ignitable liquids and accompanying characterization data used in the analysis of fire debris samples in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E-1618 standard test methods.

Substrate Database
Access the database here

The Substrate Database is a compilation of characterization data from materials which may produce interfering products in fire debris. The Substrate Database is a tool designed to assist forensic analysts conducting fire debris analysis.