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Electricity can cause fires in many ways. A knowledge of basic electricity is essential to successfully investigate potential electrical ignition sources at a fire scene, test hypotheses involving electrical ignition sources, form a conclusion supported by evidence, and competently present methodology and conclusions in legal proceedings. This module provides the foundation of that basic electrical knowledge.

Coming Soon! -Residential Electrical Systems

This upcoming module teaches the basics of the electrical power generation, distribution, and transmission system. Then, the module explains how power flows into and throughout a residence. Specific topics include AC and magnetism, the generation and transmission of electrical energy, key elements of the electrical distribution system, residential service components, overcurrent protection, and branch circuits.

This module is part 2 in a progression providing basic electrical investigation foundational material that addresses the requirements in NFPA 1033 (2014 Edition) that fire investigators possess post-secondary knowledge on electricity and electrical systems.

You are strongly urged to complete the first module in this progression, Basic Electricity, before taking the Residential Electrical Systems module because the content in this module assumes a working understanding of basic electrical principles.

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